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Electrical and Electronics Solutions - Searchlight Sonar, Doppler Radar, Fully Integrated Navigation and Navionics Systems? No problem, we have installed hundred and hundreds of systems and in some case thousands of components and have yet to have a costly failure or setback. 12VDC and Galvanically Isolated 240 Volt Ship Power System and having issues that concern you with safety? No Problem, We have been troubleshooting and installing for over 20 years and know what it takes to do it right the first time. Guaranteed Solutions, Guaranteed on Time and Guaranteed Right.

Rigging and Millwright Solutions - When it comes to reliability, nothing matters more than that of the exact locations of everything related to the engine, shaft log, propeller, and all of the bearings included. MORE FAILURES ARE CAUSED BY INCORRECT RIGGING AND PLACEMENT THAN ANYTHING ELSE we recognize that and strive to never have a failure from anything that we rigged and installed. Our people are more than versed in the fields of marine construction and retrofitting and have all of the tools necessary to install your engines, transmissions and power plants in the safest most precise manner, Guaranteed.

Custom Woodwork and Finishes - Our craftsmen are just that, craftsmen that take nothing but pride in the work that we produce and we know what it takes to create a product that will last for decades to come. Our family made our start in the wooden boat business in the early 1950’s and have built some very  timeless treasures still in service today. Our start was work boats and wooden pleasure craft but today we are capable of infusing the timeless beauty of  wood  with fiberglass, steel and aluminum boats alike. No matter your needs or your vision, we have your solution to wood and finish, Guaranteed.

Structural Repair and Hull Restoration -  When it comes to a safe vessel, it all starts with the hull and structural stability of the vessel. Our teams of craftsmen can assess any hull and determine the best course of action in maintaining, repairing and even restoring any type of hull from fiberglass and gelcoat, wood and caulking, steel and aluminum, wood and fiberglass, engineered structural foam and fiberglass, resin core hulls and vinyl. Nothing is beyond our capability in relations to boats, Guaranteed.

Shipyard Craft Labor Solutions - Our Nation has a growing problem with filling positions in  the industrial shipyards that demand existing knowledge of what is expected, most new employees don’t even know what the concept of a floodable compartment is much less what is required and necessary to make one work, our database of shipyard craftsmen is broad and includes every craft from ship fitters, pipe fitters, electricians (power, lighting, controls, data, electronics, navigation, radar and sonar), painter/blasters,

welders, certified welding inspectors and x-ray technicians, millwrights, machinists, laborers, riggers, operators, foremen, apprentices and a variety of multi-craftsmen. Multiple class craftsmen that are capable of passing written and hands-on tests with the guarantee of 3 full shifts to determine if they are a fit or not, we are determined to be your only source for all of your shipyard crafts, Guaranteed.

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